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FreshPicks® ethylene absorber packs a serious punch against food waste

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

Postharvest protection for increased shelf life

FreshPicks® ethylene absorber packets ensure postharvest quality and freshness for longer periods by removing ethylene gas that is released by fruits, vegetables and cut flowers. Ethylene, a naturally produced plant hormone, induce ripening and senescence but can be safely removed to allow for an extended postharvest green life.

FreshPicks® ethylene absorber packets allow shippers to transport and store fresh produce without fear of premature ripening and degradation. By removing ethylene from the storage and shipping environment, growers and shippers can reduce spoilage and rejections thereby increasing profits and customer satisfaction.

Produce that were exposed to infestation and adverse climate stress are more prone to early ripening, deterioration and increased ethylene production that will affect otherwise healthy produce stored within the same environment. Freshpicks® will help extend the green life of stressed products as well as protect healthy produce from ethylene buildup to keep them fresh for a maximum duration.

FreshPicks® Packets are available in various weights and sizes to suit your packaging application.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce spoilage and rejection to maximize profits

  • Extend green life of stressed produce due to infestation and adverse climate

  • Protect healthy produce from being affected by ripening ones

  • Reach new markets by safely transporting to distant markets

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